Hard Drive Data Recovery

If your data can be saved, we’ll save it.

Data Recovery

Can you imagine losing all of your data? From your once in a lifetime holiday photos to the music collection you have painstakingly built up over the years. Your data is important and we understand how much it matters to you. It might not happen that often but hard drives fail, that's a fact. But luckily, our data recovery service is here to help you when that happens.

Soft Data Recovery

Have you accidentally clicked the delete button on something you shouldn't have? If you have, then don’t worry. This is not a problem at all for our IT technicians, even if you have permanently deleted your files. We can recover any photo, document, video or music file that has accidentally been erased.

Have you ever added files to your recycle bin and emptied it? And then wished you hadn’t? Again, don’t worry, our team can recover your lost data.

Damaged Hard Drive Recovery

Hard drives are mechanical devices and when they fail, the broken components in the drive can cause damage. We are experienced at recovering data from these types of failed drives. From drives dropped whilst in use to drives that have deteriorated with age you can rely on us. We’ll carry out a full evaluation and recovery of your faulty drive.

It's not just computer hard drives that we can recover data from. If you have wiped or damaged USB sticks or memory cards, we can usually recover your data. We can also work with cameras, camcorders and mobile phones. Whatever device your data has gone missing from, give us a call. We’ll evaluate your hardware and do our best to recover your precious files.

Cloud Backup & Storage

One way to mitigate against the frustration of losing your data is to make sure your data is backed up. We offer a cloud backup service which seamlessly and securely backs up all of your data to our online servers.

There are even more preventative options for you. If you would like to be able to access your files anywhere on any device, then consider our cloud storage. All of your files are stored remotely in the cloud, which has huge benefits. You can work on a file from your PC and immediately move to another device and continue working on it. Your files are encrypted and backed up so they are safe from mugs of coffee being spilt on your laptop. To learn more, visit our cloud storage page.

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