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Securely access your files from anywhere in the world.

Microsoft OneDrive

As Microsoft Silver Partners, we at Octotech recommend Microsoft OneDrive. It’s tiered subscription licencing means it is perfect for personal home use as well as for businesses. With OneDrive, you can store all of your files in the cloud. It works similar to your hard drive on your computer, except that you can access your files from anywhere. And due to its cross-platform and cross-device design, it also means you can access it from any device.

So, for example, you could start working on a Word document on your laptop. But you can then move to your PC, tablet or phone and continue working on the same document. You don’t need to worry about emailing it to yourself or saving it to a USB stick.

It’s also very easy to share content with others. And with Microsoft 365 integration, you can even collaborate in real time. I.e. you can work on the same file at the same time.

OneDrive personal Cloud Storage

There are many benefits to home cloud storage:

Anywhere Access. No matter where you are in the world, you can access your files and photos at any time of day. It is cross-device so you can access them from any device: mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop.

Backup and Protect. Another benefit is that you cannot lose your files. If your laptop is stolen or you lose your phone, your files and photos will be safe. They are stored in the cloud, not on your devices so they’ll still be there when you replace your device.

Share and Collaborate. With OneDrive, it’s really easy to share your files and photos with your family and friends. But more than that, you can even work on the same file at the same time with the office apps.

Files on Demand. Your files won’t take up all of the space on your PC. With Windows 10, all of your files are accessible from OneDrive, which is based in the cloud.

Document Scanning. You can use your phone to scan and store documents and save them directly to OneDrive. This is really handy for receipts, business cards, notes or any other paper documents that you want to instantly save.

Personal Vault. OneDrive Personal Vault adds an added layer of protection to your confidential files. It is a protected area with strong authentication that only you can access. To access this area you need a second step of verification. For example, a fingerprint, face recognition, a PIN, an SMS code or a Microsoft Authenticator app code.

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